T.H.R.I.V.E. Lunch (Together Helping Restaurants Improve Valuable Exposure) is a free business networking group that we call the best business support network in town. We believe that the restaurant of the week, the business professionals who attend regularly and the community at-large will all THRIVE!

We meet for lunch once a week and select restaurants that are locally owned and operated. The perfect THRIVE destination reveals that community's "Best Kept Secret". To view upcoming dates and locations, click on the city of interest.

We expose business people to a variety of locally owned restaurants and network while we eat. No program, format, structure or admission fee - It’s just lunch. It is our hope that the patrons will, in turn, promote them by telling our friends, co-workers, families, business acquaintances, and clients.

The cost…

The only fee is the size of your appetite, so...everybody wins! There are no membership fees or dues, affiliations, attendance requirements, formal agenda or structure. No bylaws, exclusivity clauses, obligations, or hidden strings attached - it's just lunch! You don’t even need an invitation, all you have to do is show up for lunch (when you can) and support the restaurant of the week.

The format…

  • • Mark you calendar every week for T.H.R.I.V.E lunch (see specific group for dates)
  • • Show up any time between time (see specific group for times)
  • • Can’t stay? Just place your order "to-go"
  • • Can’t make it at all? Pick a different day within the same week and MAKE IT A PRIORITY to eat there